Bridgend Learning Disabilities Opportunity Assessment

Bridgend Improving support for people with learning disabilities in Bury

Our work has the following components:

  • An analysis of national data to benchmark Bridgend's performance with the rest of Wales
  • An assessment of opportunities to improve social work practice in in line with the "Progression" approach
  • An assessment of opportunities to improve strategic and operational approaches and to ensure commissioning practice is consistent with both
  • An assessment of local data on how people are supported, at what cost etc. to identify opportunities to support people in new and better ways likely to achieve better wellbeing outcomes and better financial value for money

The assessment of opportunities to improve is based on our tried and tested methods and comprises:

  • Initial fieldwork, data collection and analysis
  • Preparation of outline business case for improvement
  • Supplementary field work, data collection and analysis, as required
  • Full reporting of opportunities and detailed recommendations to inform the transformation project

Development of transformation plan

The Opportunity Assessment will inform the detailed design of the transformation programme which is likely to include 3 work streams

  • Practice development including an introduction to the “Progression” model and strengths-based practice training
  • Commissioning development
  • Service model development