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Outcomes and improvement framework for support for people with learning disabilities - LGA/ADASS CHIP Programme

In December 2019 the LGA/ADASS CHIP Programme appointed Alder Advice to work with it, local councils and other stakeholders to provide an outcomes and improvement framework to help enable improvements in how people with learning disabilities are supported.

The aim is to provide a range of resources that will help Directors of Adult Services work with their partners and other stakeholders to improve how people with learning disabilities are supported.


NHS COVID Recovery - Breast screening recovery programme in London

Dan Short (A Director at Alder Advice) is currently working on an interim basis at NHS England in a role as programme manager in the breast screening recovery programme.

The aim of the programme is to clear the backlog of women who missed their screening appointment due to the the COVID lockdown and return to the position where all women are screened for breast cancer every three years.


ThinkPiece - Transforming Residential Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragile state of adult social care and how the current model for care and support differs from how people say they want to be supported. Equally, it has shown how resilient and innovative the sector can be, how well it can work with partners and how valuable, skilled, brave, flexible, and committed the social care workforce and volunteers are.

In particular, the pandemic has put the role of care homes in the spotlight, not least because of the tragically high infection and death rates of residents of all ages. Naturally, in these circumstances, the future of care homes in their current state is being discussed. Our latest Thinkpiece - Read more explores the issues and recommends a way forward.


International Academy for Appreciative Inquiry

Launch of International Academy for Appreciative Inquiry

Alder Advice is proud to announce an exciting new joint development with our partners Appreciating People.

The new academy is a partnership to:

  • Develop and expand the use of Appreciative Inquiry to improve public and 3rd sector services both in UK and wider afield,
  • Improve AI training and development opportunities, and
  • Provide peer support opportunities for individuals and organisations that see the potential to use AI based approaches to improve their effectiveness.