Alder Development

Alder development: Helping your people learn and develop.

We specialise in delivering training and facilitating workshops within Social Care, Health and Housing settings on a range of different topics. As well as offering a menu of standard training and workshop options we can develop bespoke development programmes that help you to plan the implementation of your improvement plans and to develop the skills needed in the workforce to underpin any change that is needed.

All of our training and workshops are designed, delivered and facilitated by qualified Social Care, Health or Housing practitioners who have a wealth of front line experience which they can share and incorporate into the training and development sessions.

Our training and workshops specialise in enhancing the skills of our client’s staff and provide them with an opportunity to evaluate their current practice and to consider how new methods may further enhance their work and the lives of their service users.

Our training and workshops can be provided as stand-alone sessions or as part of a wider piece of work in order to support our client’s change and improvement plans.

We are also able to facilitate team/group experiential learning sessions where staff can have the opportunity to discuss cases, reflect on their practice and be supported to develop solutions as a group.

We work nationally and will hold the sessions in a venue of our client’s choice provided that the right facilities such as Power Point, space to do group work etc. are available.

We want to ensure that everyone who attends our training and workshops gets the most out of the session and will make every effort to accommodate any additional learning needs staff may have such as requirements for larger font, coloured paper for staff with Dyslexia etc.

After our training we will feed back to our client, writing a Training Summary and Evaluation of the key themes/discussions/agreed outcomes, we circulate evaluation forms and will advise on any further training needs which have been identified.

Menu of Standard Training and Workshops that we can adapt to meet your local needs includes:

• An Introduction to the Progression Model for Local Authority staff (Half day)

• An Introduction to the Progression Model for partners of Local Authority (i.e. Health or Education) (Half day)

• An Introduction to the Progression Model for care providers (Half day)

• Exploration and Evaluation Workshop (Half day)

• Assessment and Reviewing Skills (Half day)

• Support Planning (Half day)

• The Care Act (1 day)

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Tel 07814-144-973 Rob Griffiths or 07748-180-390 Dan Short