Improving support for people with learning disabilities in Bury

Improving support for people with learning disabilities in Bury

Assessment of opportunities to improve support for adullts with learning disabilities

In July 2022 we started working with Bury Council to identify opportunities to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities living in Bury and in particular how they are supported. Our work has three components:

  • An assessment of opportunities to improve
  • Support for the "Towards Independence" programme
  • Enablement of a service transformation in line with the findings from the opportunity assessment

The review prossess was based on our tried and tested opportunity assessment method which comprises:

  • Initial fieldwork, data collection and analysis
  • Preparation of outline business case for improvement
  • Supplementary field work, data collection and analysis, as required
  • Full reporting of opportunities and detailed recommendations to inform the transformation project

Support for the "Towards Independence" reassessment programme

Detailed design of this project will take place following completion of the initial opportunity assessment Opportunity Assessment. We will:

  • Train staff in high needs review methods
  • Observe practitioners undertaking high needs reviews 
  • Introduction to and support the use our tools and techniques
  • Use of Care3 ™ methods
  • Advice on fee and package negotiations

The next phase will be to support a service transformation in line with the findings from the opportunity assessment to ensure all people with learning disabilities benefit from good value, person centred, strengths based and outcome focused support.

Development of transformation plan

The Opportunity Assessment will inform the detailed design of the transformation programme which is likely to include 4 work streams

  • A reassessment programme looking at how well the support for the 100 or so highest cost packages of support meet the needs and aspirations of the people being supported 
  • Practice development including an introduction to the “Progression” model and strengths-based practice training
  • Commissioning development
  • Service model development

Our approach typically includes:

  • Some generic training for all staff and this would incorporate some specific components aimed at supporting staff through a complex change process
  • Training and development activities specific to particular staff groups and work streams
  • Coaching and mentoring of key managers and staff
  • Systems and process review and development
  • Assistance to develop a new operating framework
  • Activities to encourage more effective multi-disciplinary team working
  • Accommodation and support planning, to also include staff from housing