COVID-19 Vaccine Impact Programme in London

Social care workforce adviser

Dan Short (A Director at Alder Advice) is currently working on an interim basis for NHS England (NHSE) as the workforce adviser to the COVID-19 Vaccine Impact Programme in London.

The aim of the programme is to maximise uptake by the health and social care workforce and minimise inequalities within the workforce. Dan works across the whole health and social care workforce including primary care, but he has a particular focus on the social care workforce.

Dan is working closely with the NHSE Vaccine Impact Team within NHSE London Region, Healthy London Partnership, NHSE National Team, Association of Directors of Adult Social Sercvices, and Local Government Association.  Together they are supporting the five integrated care systems within London and the 33 London Borough Councils who are responsible for commissioning bed based and community based adult social care services. Dan's role involves:

  • Supporting the planning, co-ordination and governance processes to maximise COVID-19 vaccine take-up by the workforce
  • Engaging with and listening to the workforce to understand why some have not had vaccinations so communications and other resources can be tailored to address, as far as is possible, concerns about or other barriers to being vaccinated 
  • Working with stakeholders across the whole system to ensure access to a vaccine is as easy as possible for the workforce
  • Facilitating innovation and learning across and between systems within London to maximise vaccine take-up by the workforce
  • Monitoring results and reporting these so future plans are amended based on evidence and to ensure transparency

To find out more about this project contact Dan Short from Alder Advice on 07748-180-390 or e-mail him at