Neath Port Talbot - High Needs Case Review

Neath Port Talbot CBC – High needs case review (April 2014)


NPTCBC engaged Alder to provide professionally credible project leadership that would bring together a suitable high cost case review team including staff from the local Community Learning Disability Team, Commissioning and Contracting. The broad remit of the team led by Alder was to review all of the residential placements in order to:

  • Stratify support needs to inform local service redesign,
  • Consider those placements in terms of appropriateness, quality and cost, and
  • Negotiate new placement contracts where necessary.

Overall Progress at 25th April 2014:

  • 51 residential cases have been reviewed,
  • 43 were LA funded, 0 were 100% health funded cases, but 8 were part funded by NHS,
  • 40 negotiations were complete,
  • 10 negotiations are out standing, and
  • 1 negotiation not going ahead as the service user is deceased.

Value for Money at 25th April 2014:

  • The original cost to NPT of these placements = £3,172,596.40 p.a.
  • Its saving to date = £753,964.64 p.a. this represents a 23% saving, and
  • Further savings expected when active case management cases progress i.e. given not all of the negotiations are complete so far .It is reasonable to forecast that total savings will eventually be more as assessments and negotiations progress with Supported Living.

Future Plans:

  • NPTCBC will apply the same principles to people in supported living services e.g. thorough re- assessments and progression focussed active case management,
  • Develop the market for a wider choice and breadth of supported living providers, 
  • Refine/redesign the model of supported living to ensure best practice and balance of personal choice versus efficiencies and economy of scale.