Merton LBC - Strategic Partnership

The aim of the partnership was to support the transformational redesign of Adult Social Care to ensure it is fit for the future. Dan Short (A Director at Alder Advice) worked as the Interim Head of ASC Redesign 4 days a week for 14 months from 1st Jan 2015 to 29th Feb 2016 and other Alder Advice staff provided tailored project based support on a call off basis. Key areas of support included to:

• Lead the ASC Redesign Programme (30 projects). This delivered £2m of savings in 2015-16 and supported implementation of the reforms required by the Care Act 2014,

• Refresh the strategic target operating model to better manage future demand, improving value for money and responding to challenging market forces,

• Plan and then support a public consultation process on the proposed savings programme for 2015-16,

• Help design and establish the in-house Reablement Service,

• Deepen integration with the NHS and Children’s services including improving transition processes,

• Review the local offer to meet the needs of service users who have behaviour that challenges services in Line with the Transforming Care programme,

• Meet increasing levels of need for adult social care support in the population from diminishing resources, and

• Explore the case for implementing the 2% ASC Precept to elected Members.