Introduction to Progression:

The “wider system” of care and support for people with learning disabilities should be "rights based" and recognise the assets and strengths available to each person who needs support to live the life they choose and to overcome inequality and other day to day challenges. Support should be designed and delivered with a focus on enabling each individual with learning disabilities to “Progress” to higher levels of independence over time.

An individual’s “Progression” should be at a rate that suits them and should be enabled in ways that the individual is comfortable with and take a proportionate approach to risk. The main components of a care and support system that promotes and enables “Progression” are given below in figure 1.

Figure 1:

120724 Progression Image (1).jpg



If you want more information about how to implement the “Progression” approach for supporting people with Learning disabilities better and at less cost please either read our think peice "Learning about Progression" or contact:

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