Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

Alder Advice is active in the International Alliance For Appreciative Inquiry. Members of the Alliance (IAAI) co-operate together to:

  • Develop and expand the use of AI to improve public and 3rd sector services both in UK and wider afield,
  • Improve AI training and development opportunities, and 
  • Provide peer support opportunities for individuals and organisations that see the potential to use AI based approaches to improve their effectiveness. 

The other active participants in the Alliance are Appreciating People in ScotlandWise~Ing in Italy, Inspiring Partners in Spain, and Appreciating Church in England. Together we all aspire to develop more international links over time.

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What is Appreciative Inquiry?

AI is a process for engaging people in building the kinds of organisations and a world they want to live in. Working from peoples’ strengths and positive experiences, AI co-creates a future based on collaboration and open dialogue.”  David Cooperrider, founder of AI.

Could Appreciative Inquiry help you?

If you are passionate about getting the best out of yourself and others and are ready and willing to think differently, pose new questions, and are open to challenging your own learned behaviours AI might benefit you and you may benefit from working with the Alder Advice or one of its collaborators.


To find out if AI could help you ask yourself these questions

What training do we provide?

We aim to increase the use of AI by offering online and face to face certificated training programmes and by supporting communities of practice.

Our training offer builds on the significant AI training developed and delivered in recent years by Appreciating People to more than 2,000 people in the public and community sectors around the world.

We are offering two new certificated programmes:

  • Module 1 - Introduction to AI
  • Module 2 - Deepening your AI Practice.

They focus on the practical application of AI and aim to strengthen the ‘appreciative muscle’ and foster new self-sustaining communities of AI practice. This incliudes tailored approaches for social services, social workers, and care and support providers and their staff.

On successful completion of the two modules participants are awarded “Accredited AI Practitioner” status.

More about the Partners

Alder Advice. Formed in 2009 Alder Advice has AI trained advisers, consultants and trainers along with innovative AI based approaches to the Academy. Together these enable adult social care, health and housing organisations to:

  • Improve the services they commission, provide or regulate,
  • Develop, motivate and retain their staff, and
  • Create new partnerships

Appreciating People.  Formed in 2006 Appreciating People has significant AI training experience across the UK Public and voluntary sectors. This experience includes creation of an AI training approach supporting self-sustaining AI practice within organisations, development of a range of practical AI training resources sold across the world and the provision of international AI training courses.

How to find out more?

If you want to find out more contact either:

Dan Short or call him on 07748-180-390

Rob Griffiths or call him on 07814-144-973