Moray - Implementing Progression

Moray - Implementing Progression

Integrated "Progression" Care and Support at Health and Social Care Moray

Alder Advice has recently completed a strategically important project with Health and Social Care Moray. The aim was to support the transformation of its integrated services for adults with learning disabilities and implement the "Progression" approach.

Alder Advice had previously supported a Learning Disabilities Accommodation review project being undertaken by the ringfenced Accommodation Review Team (ART). ART sought to understand in detail what was important to the 120 individual service users in the scope of the review and to use this understanding to review the suitability/value for money of where they lived and how they were supported. It identified much scope for improvement that would change lives for the better, but significant barriers limited what could be achieved in some cases.

By examining these barriers in detail Moray learned that to be more effective it needed to look in detail across the "whole" learning disability care and support system i.e. from assessment through to commissioning, contract monitoring and market development.

Determined to overcome these barriers, Moray felt that the formal integration of Health and Social Care in Scotland at a local level offered it a unique opportunity to develop sound operating models and processes that are truly integrated and to undertake an ambitious, system wide transformational change programme. It therefore sought an external adviser to support it and appointed Alder Advice.

Working with them we have developed a programme that places “Progression” at the centre of Moray's organisational mental model, what it does and how it does it. The programme has three key and overlapping work streams supported by Alder Advice, namely to help to improve:

  • The effectiveness of the integrated learning disability team - Includes skills development & process re-engineering,

  • Commissioning, contract monitoring and market development; and

  • How the enhanced skills and knowledge of in-house services are used to effectively support people with learning disabilities develop their independence skills and to strengthen their personal resilience.

This programme is effectively addressing many of the barriers previously identified and our client Joyce Lorimer (Integrated Services Manager at Health and Social Care Moray) says:

"We now have the opportunity to make a real positive difference in the lives of the people we provide care and support for.

For more information about this project speak to Rob Griffiths from Alder Advice on 07814-144-973 or e-mail him at