ThinkPiece - Transforming Residential Care

ThinkPiece - Transforming Residential Care

Our latest thinkpiece - Read more explores the future for residential care. It concludes that an open and participative co-creation process is needed to examine how innovation and learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic can inform the transformation of the Health, Care and Support system with a focus on how the assets, resources, and strengths of the are home sector can be used in new and innovative ways.

We recommend that the process needs to involve all stakeholders in the health, care and support system including frontline staff and manager who have the insight, experience, and expertise to develop answers/solutions and those who control the levers for change.

We understand that a reasonable starting assumption for the debate about the future role of and subsequent redesign of care homes is that they should be used when people can have a better quality of life living in them compared to other available options. However, we caution that this could oversimplify the debate and risks reinforcing the status quo where people seem to have a make a choice between a care home or community alternatives. 

We recommend that a more positive and potentially more creative approach is to consider how redesigned care homes can be an integrated part of the “whole system” rather than as a separate silo within a system of several unconnected parts that compete for a bigger share of a finite care and support market.

We hope this paper contributes to this critically important national debate. If you are interested in exploring the issues raised in more detail please contact Dan Short from Alder Advice on 07748-180-390 or e mail him at